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HyperHang is a HyperCard™ based hangman game. Just as in hangman, you must try to guess the word without missing too many letters. If you miss too many letters you hang your man, losing the game. There is also a timer you can use to speed up the game as well as providing the ability to add in your own words and hints. HyperHang and Trivia Quest! were two of the first games written by Jeff Hester before establishing Ground Zero Software, Inc.

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Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Any Macintosh
95 k hard disk space
2,000 k RAM (for HyperCard)
HyperCard 2.1 or greater

HyperHang is freeware.

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Download HyperHang (v 1.0.1)

Macbinary (88 k)
Binhexed (121 k)

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