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August 26, 2000.


Here is the source code for our arcade game Bedlam which we released several years ago. Before releasing it we recently made several changes to the code in efforts to make it easier to read and use in today's Mac development environments, particularly CodeWarrior. Bedlam was originally developed using the Think C compiler and also makes use of Ingemar Ragnemalm's sprite animation toolkit (SAT). The code had not been touched since about 1993, when the game was written.

We have decided to make the source code freely available to the public. We realize that frequently lots can be learned from looking at complete source code for games and applications. Browsing source code and reading books on programming were a huge benefit to Jeff Hester, the main programmer at Ground Zero Software, when he was learning the ropes of programming on the Mac (and C programming in general.) We hope to accomplish something similar by releasing this source code--to help people learn how to write Mac games. Please note that while the code might not be as readable and easily understandable as it should be, please realize that this was the first program in C that Jeff wrote and was the first Mac arcade game we released. The code we write today is better formatted and hopefully cleaner. :-)

As stated above, Bedlam makes use of SAT. At the time of this writing SAT could be obtained from The SAT folder containing all necessary files needs to be at the same location (depthwise) as the Bedlam source code folder. If it's not you'll simply need to redefine the path within the Bedlam CodeWarrior project to the SAT directory containing the SAT PPC library.

What was changed from the original code base? For this release we:

- converted it to use with CodeWarrior Pro 5.
- converted it for use with PPC. (Bedlam was originally 68k but this code supports
PPC only.)
- updated to a more recent version of Apple Universal Headers.
- made it compatible with SAT version 2.5.
- added in external function call prototypes.
- made other changes as needed to get it to compile in CodeWarrior.
- made the game freeware instead of shareware. This source code reflects this change.

Who can use it?

The Bedlam source code is freely available for anyone to use as they wish in their own projects. It is being released as freeware but it is not public domain. The copyright for the Bedlam code still lies with Ground Zero Software, Inc. This code may not be sold or included on any media (disk, CD-ROM, ...) without the express permission of Ground Zero Software. (Just write us and ask for permission please.) Any portion of this source code can be used freely in the development of any application and game. However, if you find the code helpful and you use portions of it in your game or application we would love to hear that it was helpful to you. A mention in the credits of your program would also be nice if you deem it appropriate. We also wouldn't mind receiving a free copy of your program although that's not a requirement.

Does the code come with any level of support from Ground Zero Software?

We may be available to answer a limited number of questions about the code but please understand that our main purpose is to continue with our Mac game developments. We will not be able to spend very much time answering questions about the Bedlam source code but we'll try to help you as much as possible.

We hope you find the source code beneficial.

Thank you.

Ground Zero Software, Inc.

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Please note: Bedlam has gone through a major upgrade, resulting in Bedlam 2. If you have a color Mac be sure to check out Bedlam 2.

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Download Bedlam v 1.2 Source Code

MacBinary (1,100 k)

You will need Stuffit Expander or Stuffit Deluxe to open the file.

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